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How the Coaching Process Works

Here's How We Would Work Together:

  • Call for a free 30-minute consultation at (404) 644-0710 to determine the fit between your needs and my skill as well as basic chemistry. Your gut feeling is important to consider when selecting a professional coach.
  • We make a decision about whether to continue working together. If so, I will e-mail various coaching packages to you for review that cater to different budgets and time allotments.
  • Once coaching package is selected, I send an orientation packet to you explaining the difference between coaching and therapy along with the terms and conditions of our agreement and financial arrangements. We set our calendars, and you agree to call me at the appointed time for our sessions.
  • Together, we develop a personalized strategy and action plan in each session. Most sessions conclude with an agreement between you and me regarding the specific action steps to be taken next. I send a follow-up summary to confirm our agreement on those action items.
  • Follow-up sessions include thought-provoking questions that lead to the unveiling of exciting ideas, helpful suggestions, and more productive ways to view and overcome obstacles. I hold you accountable to goal achievement. The key to any breakthrough is consistency.

A coaching relationship may last as long as you need it and feel yourself benefiting from it. You will never be locked into some arrangement that doesn't work for you. An open, honest, trusting, and collaborative relationship is a MUST.