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How Life Coaching Can Help You...

Why Should YOU Seek Professional Coaching?

  • You have a particular challenge or shortcoming that you wish would just go away or a dream that you hope will unfold "one day" instead of taking the necessary steps to actively invest in yourself.
  • You have no genuine helping relationships, or your closest relationships are hostile when it comes to the process of change you want to implement in your life. Sometimes friends and family have even frustrated your efforts.
  • You have read the self-help books; they offer part of the solution, but you still feel limited in using the information to embrace a new life.
  • You have understanding of self-help concepts and have even had success in beginning to implement what you have learned, but you slip quickly back into old habits, routine, and stagnation.

Here's What Quality Life Coaching Offers You

  • A Higher Level of Self-Awareness that Helps to Answer the Question "What am I doing wrong?"
  • Achievable Goal-Setting so You Can Work Smarter and Not Harder
  • A More Manageable, Balanced Life with Efficient Time-Management that Eliminates Cluttered Thinking, Dead-end Relationships, and Unproductive Energy
  • Reduced Stress Levels that Promote Good Health, Enhanced Relationships, and Greater Productivity
  • More Self-Confidence for Pursuing your Purpose and Stimulating Interests

James Prochaska, Ph.D. noted in his book, Changing for Good, ...many people seek professional help when their self-change efforts are not effective...there are times when people become stuck or frustrated.... it is not easy to translate awareness into sustained action.