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May 5th:

Pitfalls & Solutions to Mothering Adult Children Still at Home

May 19th:

Overcoming Mother-Daughter (Adult) Strain

June 9th:

Grief, Loss and Life Anew

Women's Group Now Forming: Nine Things You Simply MUST Do for Success in Life and Love

The group will meet on the last Saturday of every month from 10:00 to 1:00 in my office (950 Dannon View, Ste. 4201, Atlanta, 30331), starting on January 26 and ending April 27. It will be a fairly structured framework. The goal is to make this group a consistently soft and safe place to land where you can renew your mind in a number of different areas of your life, which promotes emotional healing and healthy boundary-setting. Members of the group may come to know you in a radically different way than your friends and family. Friends and family, by the way, make horrible therapists so join us and be set free in 2019.

If interested, please email me through this site, and I'll send additional information. Thank you for considering,