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Self Test

Please answer the following questions below with regard to a particular area of your life you want or need to change. Rate each item as to its importance in deciding to take action. Rate each item as accurately as you can. Fill in the number that most closely reflects the importance of each item.

1 = Not important, 2 = Slightly important, 3 = Somewhat important, 4 = Quite important, 5 = Extremely important

# Questions Pro Con
1. Some people would think less of me if I change  
2. I would be healthier if I change  
3. Changing takes a lot of time  
4. Some people would feel better about me if I change  
5. I'm concerned I might fail if I try to change  
6. Changing would make me feel better about myself  
7. Changing takes a lot of effort and energy  
8. I would function better if I change  
9. I would have to give up some things I enjoy  
10. I would be happier if I change  
11. I get some benefits from my current behavior  
12. Some people could be better off if I change  
13. Some people benefit from my current behavior  
14. I would worry less if I change  
15. Some people would be uncomfortable if I change  
16. Some people would be happier if I change