Life Coaching in Atlanta

A life well lived involves maximizing potential, pursuing improvement, and achieving milestones. However, there are moments when intense challenges make the future difficult to visualize.

Building Bridges To Better Lives is proud to offer life coaching services to individuals seeking professional and personal development. Together, we will create a portrait of the current state of your life and work towards your vision of an ideal future.

Vast ambitions can sometimes seem unattainable. Building Bridges To Better Lives can help you break down major challenges into small steps you can take each day to achieve your targeted goals. You will emerge with a new sense of confidence and increased possibilities.

Building Bridges To Better Lives’s expertise, encouragement, and guidance provides clients with the tools they need to turn distant dreams into tangible realities.

Life Coaching vs. Therapy

Both coaching and therapy contain elements of counseling—however, there are important differences to distinguish between them.

Unlike therapy, life coaching does not evaluate the client’s state of physical and mental health. The focus of coaching is on the present and ultimately the future, rather than the past.

Building Bridges To Better Lives works with clients to explore different, results-based solutions. Clients generally have a sense of what they’d like to achieve, no matter how general or specific.

Life coaching is not medicalized or licensed. Rather, it is an empowering form of counseling that guides clients towards their own solutions.

What Life Coaching Can Offer You

Clients frequently ask, “Do I need a life coach?” There are many good reasons to consider life coaching, and the benefits of life coaching are numerous.

Studies have shown that simply articulating goals is highly beneficial to a person’s well-being. Having been empowered, clients move through life with greater productivity and a more precise sense of direction.

Building Bridges To Better Lives’s life coaching instills a sense of capability and broadens the scope of options.

While life coaching is applicable to nearly any life situation, here are just a few examples of topics life coaching can assist you with:

  • Managing personal or professional transitions
  • Obtaining work/life balance
  • Learning to communicate more effectively
  • Creating a professional action plan (e.g., promotion, starting a new business, etc.)
  • Achieving fitness/weight loss goals
  • Aspiring towards financial independence
  • Overcoming weaknesses and improving ways of thinking
  • Realizing core values and principles

What to Expect

In addition to being rewarding, Building Bridges To Better Lives’s life coaching sessions are convenient and affordable.

Sessions are generally over the telephone and can be as brief as 30 minutes, making them ideal for any schedule.

The session will begin with Building Bridges To Better Lives getting to know the client and their expectations. You can think of the session as an objective, non-judgmental interview designed to make you evaluate your own life.

Once a specific goal is established, consideration will be made to obstacles, strategies, and the best course of action.

To ensure the best results, clients are encouraged to be as open and honest as possible.

After the session, clients will feel motivated, optimistic, and in greater control of their own destiny.

About Dr. Thompson

A native of Atlanta, Dr. Thompson completed her doctorate in clinical psychology at the Georgia School of Professional Psychology. She has been practicing as a psychologist and professional life coach for over 20 years.

Dr. Thompson is also a published author and presents frequently at workshops and forums. Her areas of specialization include facilitation of problem-solving and decision-making, assertiveness training, and communication and social skills improvement.

She looks forward to providing you with the life coach skills you need to succeed!