Dr. Thompson & Christian Counseling

Dr. Thompson is insatiably curious about how an individual’s spiritual life informs his or her decision-making and problem solving. Whether one is “religious” or not, there is always a certain set of core beliefs at work that influences the trajectory of one’s life (even if that belief is to have no pre-determined beliefs and to just live life without any precautions or boundaries). When those core beliefs begin to produce undesirable results, that’s usually when burning questions arise such as “what am I doing wrong?” and “why does this keep happening to me?”

Oftentimes the core beliefs (or one’s personal religion) are not even recognized until Dr. Thompson’s work with the client begins. She especially delights in working with those who desire professional/clinical guidance within the context of a biblical worldview. This does NOT mean that all her clients are Christians or that her sessions do not operate according to the dictates of the profession. It does mean that for those who want Godly influence in their transformational work with her, she is there to meet the needs of clients where they are in their current understanding of biblical application to their lives, and to enhance growth in that area if so desired.

Being a Christian psychologist also means that she is anchored in non-judgmental treatment strategies, even beyond the ethical boundaries of the profession. However, it also means that she offers suggestions for course correction in one’s life that is based on timeless truth and wisdom that precede man-made strategies or interventions. The choice to receive or reject what she has to offer always rests with the client of course. In short, she is here to facilitate the removal of blind spots and pesky obstacles that prevent life from being lived to the full—that is, abundantly and joyfully.