Employee Benefit Consultation Services

Dr. Thompson has recently expanded her services to include employee benefit consultation. After listening to countless stories of those who were challenged by major health events that caused their financial and emotional life to spiral out of control and put unusual strain on relationships and household harmony overall, Dr. Thompson decided to become part of the solution.

In light of constant changes in the health insurance landscape with increasingly high deductibles and premiums that leave many without affordable options, Dr. Thompson sees supplemental health insurance as a viable solution which doesn't have to cost a business owner any additional expense. Therefore, she has partnered with Aflac to engage small, medium and large-sized businesses in offering an affordable safety net for their W-2 or 1099 employees--while enjoying tax savings for the business. The supplemental plans may stand alone or make already existing coverage far more robust. In providing this new service, Dr. Thompson has seen Aflac become the answer to the OMGs of life when there's a health setback (big or small).

If you're a business owner or HR director looking to contain costs while attracting and keeping top talent, please contact Dr. Thompson at (770) 741-1496 to learn more about this service. Check out the video testimonial below: