Therapy with Dr. Thompson

In practice for more than 19 years, Dr. Thompson is best suited for adult individuals or couples who recognize a pattern of self-defeating behaviors that destroy relationships and contribute to anxiety/depression and isolation. These individuals feel stuck in a seemingly never-ending cycle that may include: procrastination, busyness that leads nowhere, the exhaustion of perfectionism, feelings of rejection, loneliness, or depletion in general--all of which gets worse without intervention. Wishing that distracting issues and concerns would just go away is unproductive. Dr. Thompson’s job is to make psychology applicable to everyday problem-solving and decision-making and therefore give you a reason to hope for a new reality.

Dr. Thompson’s office environment is comfortable and feels more like a living room. Her first concern is helping clients feel at ease with the process and motivated to collaborate with her. The treatment plan, developed by the 3rd session, becomes the road map used to measure specific goal achievement.

Seasonally Offered Therapy Groups for Women

Conscious Living After Divorce

A 12 week circle of support for navigating the muddy and choppy waters of life after divorce and reclaiming or rediscovering oneself. Though structured, there's significant allowance for spontaneous interaction.

Women on a Mission to Marry

A 12-week transformational experience for single women who, in reality, are never alone. Designed to offer strategy on how to best position oneself for marriage and stop wasting time due to isolation, lack of knowledge, or being with the wrong guy. Goal is to get a participant to a date, a mate and always a reason to celebrate.

9 Things You Simply Must Do

A 12- week journey that relies heavily on the brilliant work of Dr. Henry Cloud in his book, Nine Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Life and Love. This group is highly effective in helping women to develop guiding principles for wise decision-making and problem-solving in professional, personal, and romantic spheres.

What Makes the Difference Between a Girl and a Women:

Part I

Part II