Building Bridges To Better Lives

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Building Bridges To Better Lives

Atlanta Counseling Services, Christian Counseling and Life Coaching Services

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Who I Am

As a Psychologist, Professional Life Coach, Speaker, and Owner of Building Bridges to Better Lives, I have provided mental health services for individuals, couples, women's groups, and inmates since 1996. I am also the author of Surviving Mama (an adult daughter's guide to overcoming strained mother-daughter relationships), a work for which I earned a role in a movie featured in Jewish Film Festivals worldwide entitled, "Look at Us Now, Mother." (The movie can now be streamed on the Tubi network.)

I am most proud to participate in the network of providers associated with the nationally syndicated radio show "New Life Live" which has guided my ability to integrate my clinical skills and knowledge with a biblical worldview for those who desire such. My greatest passions include serving as a vessel for healing the wounded and brokenhearted as well as an illuminator of others' hidden gifts and talents.

Seeking to encourage and inspire others is a priority along with highlighting the truth of one’s reality so that effective decision-making and problem-solving can occur. Moreover, I deeply enjoy debunking the myth that psychology is just for "crazy people"; and so I take psychology to the streets on occasion as a presenter at community forums and workshops.

I’m a rare native Atlantan, educated at the University of Georgia (where I completed undergraduate studies in journalism/public relations in 1985) and the Georgia School of Professional Psychology where I earned my doctorate in clinical psychology in 2001.

I began my private practice, Building Bridges to Better Lives, in 2004. My seasoned professional history allows me to work knowledgeably and efficiently in service to those who seek my guidance.

- Pamela Thompson, Psy.D.

What I Do

Psychologist and Professional Life Coach Specializing in:

  • Reduction of symptoms related to mood and anxiety disorders
  • Healthy development and enhancement of relationships
  • Assertiveness training (including personal and professional boundary–setting)
  • Communication and social skill Improvement
  • Facilitation of wise problem-solving and decision-making

Characteristics of Who Makes a Good Fit For Dr. Thompson?

  • Preferably aged 25 and older
  • Feels bothered by and stuck in certain repetitive cycles
  • Has time and energy to engage in homework assignments of various kinds
  • Willing to experiment in making tweaks and adjustments to one’s existing approach to life
  • Willing to give and receive honest feedback for further review and consideration
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